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21. April 2014


So in my ask I get alot of questions regarding how to guess someone’s sign, how the signs look, they’re mannerisms etc. and the truth is….There is no cut and dry way to know but I can usually narrow it down to two or three signs, but  these signs really resemble each other so I’ll usually say your either a(n) ________ or a(n) _________ here are my list of signs I get mixed up. 

Aries and Aquarius

Just the other day I was watching a very interesting documentary on world famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and the whole time I was thinking this has to be an Aquarius I mean wierd clothes, odd hair, fuq the establishment mojo this HAS to be an Aquarius but no, I did some research and she is very much Aries. You see it’s very easy to mistake Aries pioneering spirit for general Aquarian oddness and it doesn’t help that they often favor each other(think how Aries James franco is always being hailed as the new Aquarius James Dean), but one way to tell them apart is how they behave. While both of them tend to be more than a little rebellious Aries will channel it physically, writing it on T-shirts, making manifesto’s, protesting on the street, whereas Aquarius will be far more in their head, making philosophies, sharing their views only with those who ask and then somehow inspiring a cult following. 

Taurus and Leo

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